PK Resort
Kingdom of Bahrain
Reflections of the Heavens

Project Data

PK Development Company WLL

Waterfront Project
Masterplan Development

Concept Masterplan
Detailed Masterplan

USD $7 billion

12.5 million m2

2007 - current
Under Construction
The PK Resort Masterplan envisages the development of a luxurious and exclusive residential community with premium commercial, retail and leisure facilities offering a superior quality of living that will attract ‘Elite Residents’ from around the world, but primarily the Middle East area, as well as significant community facilities for the people of Bahrain. The site is located at the southern end of the main island, adjacent to the existing Durrat Al Bahrain and Darari developments. The project will be developed on a total site area of 1100 hectares, with approximately 440 hectares of reclaimed land.

Bahrain’s rich and diverse history is integral to the conceptual framework of the masterplan, informing the character of both the public and private realm. The ancient navigational instrument of the astrolabe, with its crescent shapes and intricate tracery, informed the conceptual vision for the masterplan form of interconnecting man made Islands for the gated residential community and luxury resorts.

The vibrant Arabian Water Souk is the commercial district. It is centered on a large marina and features luxury retail, public art, and waterside dining which fronts a marina boardwalk. The program also includes medical and health facilities, Friday and local mosques, public and private marinas, public and private beaches, hotels and resorts, public walkways and cycle ways, children’s playgrounds and sporting fields.