Mina Zayed
Abu Dhabi, UAE
The Great Water City

Project Data

Aldar Properties PJSC

Waterfront Project
Masterplan Development

Concept Masterplan

USD $16 billion

6 million m2

The proposed redevelopment of existing working Mina Zayed Port was a unique opportunity to create an exciting mixed use environment. Significant investigative work was carried out to establish the best way of utilizing and enhancing the existing land formation. Consideration of the staged relocation of existing port functions and the existing souk were also important considerations.

The Concept Masterplan for this site was an opportunity to expand and reinvent the identity of the UAE capital city, through a world leading extension to the existing central business district of Abu Dhabi. The proposed outcome for the development was to see a vibrant new commercial, residential and retail heart to the city with a variety of public parks, lakes, canals and beached for all to enjoy.

This project is designed to be a mixed use waterfront CBD development, adjacent to the existing Abu Dhabi CBD. A central grand boulevard is axially aligned to the existing corniche and leads to a signature crystal tower serving as a new beacon for the city. Enhanced vehicular connectivity with the existing city and the expanded development of the adjacent archipelago of Sadiyat Island and Yas Island were skillfully incorporated into the plan.

A variety of maritime conditions and waterfront experiences were incorporated into the plan. Water circulation for the Abu Dhabi city was improved by creating a wide canal cut from the marina facing Sadiyat Island to the marina fronting the corniche.