Green Square Town Centre
Green Square, NSW, Australia
A Green Living Experience

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The $8 billion Green Square development is emerging as a place of innovative housing design, bespoke business and retail, and creative and engaged communities within a vibrant and sustainable urban environment. With an area of 278 hectares, Green Square will become a true exemplar of green living where people are effortlessly linked to shops, parks, gardens and entertainment with pedestrian and cycle routes, and multi-modal public transport.

The City of Sydney has five Major Development sites, one of which is Green Square, just 3.5km from the Sydney CBD and 4km from the Sydney International Airport. It comprises of suburbs including Beaconsfield and Zetland, and parts of Rosebery, Alexandria and Waterloo. There are 10,000 apartments due for completion over the next 4 years. When fully completed after 2030, Green Square’s total population is estimated to reach 53,000.

At the heart of the development is a new Town Centre, a major new residential, retail and cultural destination. This Town Centre will be boarded by Bourke Street to the north and Joynton Avenue to the south. The City of Sydney has committed $440 million over the next 10 years to deliver quality infrastructure and community facilities such as a new library, plaza and aquatic centre as well as parks, public art and a community creative centre. Green Square is planned to allow growth and development that is sustainable, innovative and respects the character of existing neighbourhoods.