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Ebsworth Residential
Green Square, NSW, Australia
Defining the High Street

Project Data


Retail Development

Strategic Direction
Retail Planning
Concept Design

AUD $10 million

80 Lineal Metres

Under Construction
The Green Square Town Centre retail masterplan strategy developed by Esquisse provided a framework for creating a vibrant and cohesive community within this significant regional retail node.

The Ebsworh Building within Green Square Town Centre’s High Street provided our first opportunity to implement the principles of the retail masterplan in the detailed design of the retail streetscape.

This building is the central component of the High Street, incorporating the core destination of a major supermarket, ancillary retail and cafes. The challenge was to create an edge condition which expressed a High Street that had evolved over time rather than a big box retail experience.

Within this we developed a framework which allowed the major supermarket retailer to engage with the urban street edge, whilst providing them with a unique opportunity to refresh their brand's identity.

This was carefully integrated with the architectural design of the building, working closely with the Mirvac design team to ensure that tenant diversity and expression and the pedestrian experience was enhanced. 

The incorporation of varied layering and detailing of the awning, entry nodes, modulated façade articulation and materiality creates and edge condition which enhances the vibrancy of the precinct and the use of the space.